This Region shall be known as the Auburn Region of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America.

The purpose of this Region shall be to supplement the activities of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America and provide mutual fellowship for members.

It is our intention, by this web site, to promote new membership and distribute information to current members. Our membership is not restricted to owners of General Motors vehicles.  We do accept members that have an interest in promoting the club and Chevrolet ownership. If you posses an interest we seek your membership.  As an illustration of this, we have had a past Director that owns and operates a, 1947 Mercury, with a Ford motor, but he contends that he has an interest in Chevrolets. Should we request a polygraph test? Probably not. This illustrates our comradeship of the mutual interest in Chevrolets. We promote a club tour, at least once a month.  We promote a breakfast, lunch or dinner at least once a month. We have a monthly club meeting and monthly board meeting.

The Auburn Region Club was founded October 9, 1990


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